Articulate was born in the Pink City (Jaipur is also known as the Pink City) of North India in 2003. Founder Mr. Dharmendra Singh believed jewelry could be gorgeous, elegant and significant. His idea that jewels should speak sparked the inventive journey now known as Articulate. We believe good things happen. Our brand is more than a jewelry line, because jewelry is no mathematics, there is no right or wrong answer. A piece of fine art, like jewelry, takes the heart and the soul of the creator to refine an unforgettable masterpiece.We always trust in delivering the genuine quality and our buyer’s satisfaction. This is the only reason that our number of customers has increased substantially over one and a half decades. Articulate lives by our philosophy that what goes around comes around by handcrafting everything locally, respecting the awesome planet, and associating with non-profit organization that share our vision of a better and beautiful world.


Design Support

Offering the finest designs to our clients is one part of delivering 100% satisfaction,the other is the ability to create any piece that our clients can conceive.

100% Handmade

We specialize in bringing you 100% handmade jewelry crafted in exceptional quality metals of sterling silver and gold. All our jewelry is made at our workshop here in Jaipur at Articulate Jewelers.


Each Articulate Jewelry piece is accompanied by a “Proof of Authenticity” – our assurance to you of its quality and birthright. To create jewelry of this quality takes longer than mass produced jewelry. But we know that once you hold that rare piece in your hands you will understand the allure of an original piece of jewelry.

Partner Support

As leading sterling silver and gold jewelry manufacturers to the trade, we offer branded, non-branded or private label products. We can customize designs, materials and manufacturing processes to suit your specific needs.


  • Together with our clients, we analyze best-selling items and offer new designs, concepts and products to enhance sales and customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure that your order reaches you in the fastest time and in good condition, we only ship through reputed courier agencies.
  • Should you have problems or suggestions, please contact us by e-mailing to info@articulatejewellers.com



Je suis venu dans le magasin en 1999.
J’ai trouvé là une personne de grande qualité qui a toujours été de bon conseil.
A chaque séjour à Jaipur, j’ai toujours plaisir à rencontre Dharmendra, le propriétaire.
S’il est une boutique dans la ville où on peut venir sans crainte, c’est bien là.
Le lieux est discret, pas de vendeur pour vous forer la main, pas de prix incroyable, juste le bon conseil au bon moment.
C’est l’endroit que je peux conseiller sans crainte.

  • Denis Prince, Auxerre France
  • Louise

    Je connais le propriétaire de la boutique depuis prés de 15 ans. Je suis artiste et j’ai trouvé l’atelier que je cherchais depuis longtemps pour débuter la création de bijoux en argent. J’ai trouvé là des gens compétents et toujours prêts à m’aider. De plus, Dharmendra est une personne de grande confiance qui m’a toujours donné des conseils éclairés.
    Le magasin est discret mais chacun peut être sur d’y être traité avec gentillesse et sans arrière pensée.

  • Jean Louis Espilit, (Paris), France
  • Since 3 yrs. I bought so many genuine things from Articulate Jewellers. I can say its a place for jewellery you can trust…..

  • Vagisha, UK
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